Success Stories

  • Fit & Healthy Pregnancy!

    Kim recently had the opportunity to work with pregnant Body By O Angel Missy Schwimer. Missy came to Kim at the start of her pregnancy with one goa...
  • Danitza Freigher

    Danitza Freighter always had a passion for health and fitness, but after college she struggled to lose weight. Once Danitza started working with Kim Oddo, that all changed for the better! Now, Danitza is in the best shape of her life.
  • Christina Valles - Transformation to Bikini Competitor

  • HEATHER CHAVEZ - Incredible Transformation to Bikini Competitor

    After struggling with her weight for most of her adult life, Heather decided to make her forties a great decade.

    Jennifer had dreamed of working with Kim Oddo ever since she picked up her first issue of Oxygen magazine as an overweight senior in college

    A Google search brought Jennifer to Body By O. Less than a year later, she had lost 20 pounds and was ready to compete in her first Bikini competition.

    Living halfway around the world didn’t stop Darlene from seeking out Kim Oddo’s expertise. After dropping nearly 40 pounds, she was certainly glad she found him.

    When Asia set out to transform her body, she knew she needed to get help from the best. That’s when the fun started.

    Hallie Cook was an athlete for most of her life, but once she got to college poor eating habits led her to gain 50 pounds in four months. In less than a year of training with Body By O, Hallie lost an amazing 62 pounds!