Living halfway around the world didn’t stop Darlene from seeking out Kim Oddo’s expertise. After dropping nearly 40 pounds, she was certainly glad she found him. BEFORE Age 33 Weight 183 pounds AFTER Age 33 Weight 145 pounds What made you decide to train with Kim Oddo and Body By O? I heard of Kim Oddo and Oddo’s Angels through the IFBB circuit a few years back. I always wanted to work with an international coach like him but didn’t know where to start. It wasn’t until I spoke to my friend Nicky Jankovic who was fortunate enough to have met Kim when he was in Australia in 2012 that she highly recommended I work with him for the 2013 Arnold Classic and Australian Pro Show. What does your typical training consist of? I do cardio 5-6 times a week. Weight train 2 days on, 1 day rest, 2 days on and take weekends off. I like circuit training to get my heart rate up and challenge me a little so I’ll do two circuit sessions a week if I’m up to it. What suggestions do you have for others looking to make a body transformation do a competiton? I suggest they sit down and make a plan a realistic plan and stick to it. Think and visualize the end result and use that to push you to go that extra harder. Darlene’s Fun Facts Favorite Healthy Meal Salmon and salad Favorite Cheat Meal Any chocolate dessert!

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