HEATHER CHAVEZ - Incredible Transformation to Bikini Competitor

heather_success_storyAfter struggling with her weight for most of her adult life, Heather decided to make her forties a great decade.


Age 39 Weight 227 pounds


Age 41 Weight 113 pounds

What made you decide to start training with Kim Oddo and Body By O?

I have been fat most of my adult life and I was getting closer to 40 and I decided I wanted to make my forties a great decade for me. I have always wanted to compete and admired so many girls that have the strength and courage to get up on a stage and show off their hard work. I wanted to be like that so much. Reading Kim's training and diet program in FitnessRx For Women magazine really kick started the rest of my loss and pushed me toward my goal to compete!

What is your current training schedule?

I train 7 days per week and I train a different body part each time so that I allow my body parts to rest. I walk on a on a treadmill at a 10.0 incline at 3 miles per hour for 30 minutes, 5 days a week.

What advice do you have for others thinking about transforming their bodies?

Make constant little changes and don’t completely revamp their diet. It most likely won't work that way. Stay consistent and if you fall off of the diet, don’t get angry with the failure. Forgive yourself and make your next meal clean. Have one cheat meal per week, that way you get a little break. Don’t listen to the people that don't believe in you or what you want to accomplish. The most important advice I could give is to stay strong, be stubborn and never, ever give up!

Heather’s Fun Facts

Favorite Healthy Meal: Artichoke pasta with red sauce and a salad with cucumbers and rice vinegar, Quinoa with turkey chili or steak and baked sweet potato fries Favorite Cheat Meal: Sushi or any kind of Mexican food

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