Leslie Lawson:Lost 85 Pounds & Found Passion For Figure Competition

Congratulations to Body By O Angel Leslie Lawson on her amazing body transformation. Leslie is a busy mother and wife with a full time job as a realtor. What started out as a simple person training session with Kim Oddo, turned into an all-out passion for fitness with the end result of competing on stage at a several NPC Figure Competitions. We’re so proud of her transformation and thrilled to be a part of her fitness journey. Read more about her transformation below.

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Age: 23

Weight: 218


Age: 40

Weight: 133

  1. What made you want to compete in an NPC competition (specify Figure, Bikini, Physique): The fact that I thought I never could do it!  After completing my first training session which was a body transformation with Kim, he encouraged me to take my first step on stage three months later as a figure competitor.   It was most vulnerable and gratifying experience--since then I've been onstage four times and have the hopes of one day getting my pro card. 
  2. What made you decide to train with Kim Oddo?  I had admired Nicole Wilkins for some time and came across an article where Kim was explaining some of her workouts.  By some divine intervention my family and I relocated to Temecula where I quickly discovered that's where Kim was also located.  My husband encourage and insisted that I reach out to Kim as who else could better help me achieve what I admired in a magazine's.
  3. What does your training consist of? Sometimes it feels like it's only cardio LOL!  However, I follow Kim's workout program very religiously -- I must say my favorite part to work is my back and shoulders.  I preferred to do my workouts in the morning, seems to work best with my work and home schedule.
  4. What are your favorite healthy meals? Yams with cayenne pepper or simply a tablespoon of almond butter
  5. What is your favorite cheat meal? Nachos!!   With a side of gummy bears and a glass of wine! 
  6. What suggestions do you have for others looking to make a body transformation or compete in an NPC competition? Be very much aware that it's going to take work, sweat and tears!  It's a lifestyle change...not just a diet! You're going to have to put yourself at a higher level of priority than you probably ever had to in the past.  Gain as much support from your family members and friends as possible--and most importantly look at yourself in the mirror daily and don't give up on you!
  7. When will we see you on stage again? My goal is July 2016

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