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NQ Bikini Athlete Edel Keenehan

Name:   Edel Keenehan

Division/Status:  National NPC Bikini Competitor

Height/Competition:  5'4.5" Age: 28

 Bio:  I was born and raised in Ireland. I left Ireland in 2010 when I graduated from college. In college, I studied physical education which qualified me as a high school physical education and geography teacher. In August of 2010, I accepted a job offer to teach in an international school in Abu Dhabi, in the United Arab Emirates. I spent 4 years in the Middle East teaching. While there most of my spare time was spent in the gym working out. I loved resistance training and how it made me feel and look. In April 2014 after returning from a vacation to Thailand- I decided I wanted to compete. I was unhappy with how I looked on my vacation pictures and needed something to work towards - so I picked a show date and got to work! I moved to the states the summer of 2014, I met Kim Oddo in February of 2015 and it was from then that my competitive career really took off!!! Contest results/Career Highlights:
  • -July 2014 NPC Musclecontest  - 3rd place
  • -IFBB affiliated  Fitex (completion in Ireland ), 1st in category and overall winner
  • -RIBBF Nationals (Ireland)  - 3rd place
  • -April 2015 NPC Musclecontest  Grand Prix - 1st Place
  • May 2015 Governors Cup Sacramento  - 4th place
  • February 2016 NPC Musclecontest Gold Coast classic - 1st place and Overall winner
  • March 2016 Arnold Classic (Amateur)  - 7th place
  • September 2016 Arnold Europe (Amateur) - 15th
  • February 2017 NPC Musclecontest Gold Coast classic  - 1st place and Overall winner
  • March 2017 Arnold Classic (Amateur)  - 2nd place
Hometown: Boyle, county  Roscommon, Ireland Current Residence: Murrieta California Favorite Body By O Product: Favorite one right now is the Cortisol Complex - prep can be a time of high anxiety that coupled with the regular stressors of everyday life and responsibilities can lead to elevated cortisol levels and poor sleep which may hinder or progress. I take 1 scoop of BBO cortisol complex every night before bed and I am guaranteed a full night's sleep waking up the next day fully refreshed and ready to go Favorite Cheat Meal: Beef burger with lettuce tomato BBQ sauce, onion rings in it avocado instead of cheese, bacon, and ketchup:) wide side of sweet potato fries. Favorite Exercise: Heavy back lunges The Best advice I ever got: Keep the word of God close to your heart at all times and consult him on every aspect of your life. All the advice you could ever need or want is in that amazing book! Instagram: Bikini Buff Facebook: Bikini Buff   [gallery ids="11218,11219,11220"]    

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