Xavius Gayden Wins Pro Men's Physique @ 2014 Titans


It was a fantastic weekend for TEAM BODY BY O MEN'S PHYSIQUE TEAM where they competed at Jon Lindsay's 2014 Titan Grand Prix! XAVIUS GAYDEN won the show! Amazing job Xavius! Well deserved win! ARYA SAFFAIE won the 3rd Place Trophy! Doing great Arya! MICHAEL SAFFAIE placed 8th & DONTE TANNER placed 9th! We're proud of all you guys!

Pics of all TEAM BODY BY O Pros will be posted shortly . 2014 TITANS GRAND PRIX MEN'S PHYSIQUE PRO RESULTS 1. Xavius Gayden *** TEAM BODY BY O 2. Jake Alvarez 3. Arya Saffaie *** TEAM BODY BY O 4. Joseph Lee 5. Dean Balabis 6. Nick Adams 7. Kyle Moore 8. Michael Saffaie *** TEAM BODY BY O 9. Donte Tanner *** TEAM BODY BY O 10. Jonny Bernstein 11. Tyler Anderson 12. Greg Jones 13. Carlos Ferrer 14. T.A. Martin 15. Darnell Moss 16. Kameron Bailey 16. Mariusz Czerniewicz 16. Murat Demir 16. Robert Simpson 16. Rodney Razor 16. Ronald Alexander 16. Todd Abrams 16. Tony Tirado 16. Tracy Burr

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