Water - Elixir of Life

spalsh_water Water; the original beverage for all mankind. We drank from cold running streams and creeks, from wells that brought forth mineral rich water, and from melting ice formations. This water was naturally filtered over rocks and through vegetation, picking up important nutrients along the way. In today’s modern world, although we have plenty of bottle water around, we have also allowed other less healthy beverages to take the forefront.  When we go to Starbucks everyday we order our cappuccinos, lattes, and mochas.  If our energy lags in the afternoon, we’ll stop off at the market and grab a Red Bull.  At lunch we might order an iced tea or a soda to go with our meal.  Water is sometimes relegated to a last choice beverage that we sip a little bit here and there mainly because we know we “should” drink it. But do we really know how important water is and what it means to our body?  Did you realize that lack of proper water intake leading to a dehydrated condition may be responsible for the aggravation of health issues such as: Arthritis Gout Depression Lethargy Headaches Hypertension Asthma & Allergies Insomnia Diabetes Obesity Compulsive Eating Hyperacidity Dry Skin Constipation It is a common fact that our bodies are comprised mostly of water. A human being can survive without eating food for upwards of two weeks or more, but without water for a few mere days, that same human being risks the threat of death.  Water is critical in flushing toxins & acids from your body through generating sweat or through kidney function.  When your body becomes dehydrated, this flushing process comes to a slow pace if not a grinding halt and unpleasant health issues can begin to take hold. If you are an active individual, you should drink even more water to replace fluids lost through strenuous exercise.  Be sure to keep well hydrated if you are on a weight loss program as this will not only help your body burn fat more efficiently, but it can also help to eliminate false hunger pains that come from being de-hydrated. It’s best not to rely on the sensation of thirst as an indication of when you need to drink water.  Just to stick to a fairly regular water intake.  Especially as one ages, the accuracy of this thirst sensation diminishes and can lead the individual straight into dehydration! Drink a 16 oz. glass of water first thing upon waking, drink another glass before you have a morning snack, drink another glass before lunch, drink another glass before an afternoon snack, one before dinner and one right before bed.  If you can keep to this schedule you will be hydrating your body well throughout the day! (You should take care to avoid drinking water WITH your meals as this can dilute your digestive enzymes) And for those of you who DO drink plenty of water (you wouldn’t be caught dead without your sports bottle held tightly in your hand) you still have to make an important decision: What bottled water should I buy?  When you go grocery shopping, you are confronted with rows and rows of different types of waters, different brands, all proclaiming to be fresh from a mountain spring or arctic glacier.  But did you know that Bottled Water is LESS regulated than most local tap water sources?  Strange, isn’t it?  Your favorite water may contain hundreds of contaminates, heavy metals, and other undesirable “bugs”. However, there is one particular brand of bottled water that has been tested as free from these contaminates; PENTA.  Making Penta your main water source is one of your best bets besides investing in a water filtration unit for your home! Overall, considering the major impact proper hydration has on your overall health, it’s a good idea to make water a top priority in your health program!  Drink plenty of the right kind of water and I believe you will notice the beneficial results! References: YOUR BODY’S MANY CRIES FOR WATER by Dr. F. Batmanghelidj THE SEVEN PILLARS OF HEALTH by Dr. Don Colbert

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