The Winner's Mindset of Oddo's Angel Jessica Wilson

The Winner's Mindset of Oddo's Angel Jessica Wilson

“11 DAYS TO THE @mrolympiallc. Now the story of show number 3 @musclecontest California Night of Champions where I placed 2nd! This was a very special and defining moment. The moment that pushed me to believe that I could win…that eventually I would win!!! 


The emotion I felt at finals as our names were announced was pure joy and elation knowing that second place was not enough for me…a fire started to burn within. 

I felt competitive…I can sit here and tell you I have never felt this way before and maybe I have but this felt more like hunger. Hunger to persevere! To prove to myself and everyone watching…I could achieve this. I am a Champion!

Once I learned why I placed where I did, I continued to focus all of my energy into improving! This is why we get feedback. I didn’t deserve the win just yet and I knew I was pushed to be better. 

Now this show was in fact planned! Being so close to home, there was no way I would miss out on competing on @musclecontest stage! This is where it all began for me 7 years ago! And I have to thank [...] everyone involved for believing in me and pushing me to be better!! 

Now if you’ve been following my story…you know we’re going to Tampa really soon for the @bevsgym #IFBBNYPro …stay tuned”



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