The Art Of Pushing Through Prep Ft Body BY O Angel Melanie Neutz


"Sometimes I question this lifestyle when the going gets tough but those days I push past even the worst of the worst, I thank myself every single time.


We have all heard the saying “nothing worth it ever comes easy”. This is so true. Those days I pushed past all mental and physical barriers are the days I think about after I have a bomb progress week, after I step off stage, or when things just start to really come together nicely.


I’ve been struggling for months and months mentally with so many things but this week has been monumental for me in my progression. I’ve started to come in nicely during this prep and even though it’s taken awhile, I’m finally here and I could not be happier.


I’m so proud of myself for continuing to push through my meals and through training even when I really didn’t feel like it or when I was questioning if this is meant for me.


Throughout my bodybuilding career, I’ve been dealt with a lot of awful cards but I’m proud to say that I’ve pushed past every single thing that has tried to hold me back.


I can confidently say that I’m bringing my best package to the stage this season and I cannot be happier to continue to grow within this beautiful sport 🤍


So thankful for my coach @bodybyo for guiding me along my journey! No matter the set back, injury, or how non responsive my body has been, he’s been so supportive and uplifting while being serious about getting me together for this prep. Couldn’t ask for a better coach throughout my bodybuilding career! ☺️


3.5 weeks out from @npc_cydneygillonpeachclassic @vytamin_c"

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