Team Body By O Athletes at 2015 Miami Nationals!

2015miaminats1 We're so proud of all our incredible athletes who competed in the 2015 Miami Nationals! Team Body By O did an amazing job!! Congrats to our two new IFBB Bikini Pros Valerie Annunziata & Monica Moya 2015 MIAMI NATIONALS PHOTO GALLERY [gallery ids="8866,8870,8862,8860,8861,8863,8864,8865,8868,8869,8871"] 2015 MIAMI NATIONALS TEAM BODY BY O RESULTS BIKINI VALERIE ANNUNZIATA - Class A, 2nd Place - NEW IFBB BIKINI PRO SARA CHAVANA - Class A - 12th Place MONICA MOYA - Class B, 2nd Place - NEW IFBB BIKINI PRO KRIS MICHELLE - Class C, 3rd Place DIANA KING - Class C, 16th Place JENNIFER CABAN - Class D, 5th Place SEMRET RUSSOM - Class D, 16th Place VANESSA PORTER - Class E, 6th Place FIGURE DESIREE REEL - Class B, 4th Place JEN LEWIS - Class B, 16th Place MEN'S PHYSIQUE DIMYAS PERDUE - Class D, 16th Place

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