Struggles During Prep

By IFBB Pro Skylar Lanier

With prep comes you must sacrifice and with sacrifice comes challenges that are necessary for you to overcome in order to succeed. Here are my top 5 helpful tips for when you are faced with a struggle during prep.
  1. When you go out to dinner with loved ones.
Bring your own food OR Order plain protein, veggies and if you get carbs order a clean carb. Doing this will blocked out all the “oh… I’m prepping I can’t go out to eat because I can’t have anything to eat. Yes, you are prepping but you also need to get out and live life. You should never seclude yourself from your outside world just because you are in prep.
  1. Sacrificing spending time with family/friends.
Yes, there will be times when you may not be able to see your friends or family due to the demanding lifestyle. Sometimes this really does suck to not be able to see your friends as much as you want. If you prioritize your time, like make one or two days out of the week to see them consistently, it can make it much easier.
  1. Cardi
Yes…. Good old cardio can be a struggle all on its own. To help the time go by I like to watch television or a movie, also you can listen to music that gets you in that cardio mood.
  1. Being food focused.
For some the diet is the hardest part of prep. Whether you are on a meal plan or track your macros you must change your mind set on how you view food. Food = Fuel, this is how you must view your meals. Do I want to have that Honey Bun or Glazed Donut? Of course, but caving in and having those treats for instant satisfaction won’t bring me closer to where I want to be when I step on that stage.
  1. Staying sharp.
My biggest struggle during prep is “Prep Brain.” I constantly forget things during prep. Doesn’t matter if its my meals, putting my pants on correctly, or how the heck do I get home again? I learned that writing things down, setting reminders and alarms are the best way to keep track of things that slip my mind on a daily/weekly basis. I am sure some of you can identify with these tips and use them in your prep to be the best you can be.

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