Sonia Gonzales Wins the 2012 Arnold Bikini International

CONGRATS TO THE NEW ARNOLD MS BIKINI INTERNATIONAL WINNER - ANGEL SONIA GONZALES!!!! Awesome job!!!!!  And congrats to all of our incredible Pro Bikini Angels who competed this weekend!!!!  SONIA GONZALES, NATALIE PENNINGTON, & CHRISTINA VARGAS!! Photos & results courtesy of   [gallery link="file" columns="4"] What an incredible weekend it has been for our entire Oddo's Angels Team!!!!!!!!  TEAM ANGEL indicated by *** IFBB Pro Bikini 1. Sonia Gonzales   *** 2. India Paulino  3. Nicole Nagrani  4. Jaime Baird  5. Nathalia Melo  6. Juliana Danieli  7. Diana Graham  8. Jessica Paxson  9. Candyce Graham  10. Monique Ricardo  11. Natalie Pennington  *** 12. Jennifer Andrews  12. Lexi Kaufman  14. Christina Vargas  *** 15. Tianna Ta  16. Jessica Jessie  16. Abbie Burrows 

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