So you want to compete....

What's next? What do I need to know? Where should I begin?  Body By O Angel Nicole Elizabeth gives you a few tips on getting started. 

Every New Year I make a resolution and I’m one of those weird people that actually keeps mine. I’ve had resolutions where I’ve spent a year trying to experience a new thing every month, I’ve had a learn a language resolution (still working on my Español), and to get healthy and do a bikini competition. My resolution developed into a passion and put me on an exciting journey. A self-proclaimed google queen, when I first thought about competing in an NPC bikini competition, I googled and I googled. I looked through blogs, magazine articles, social media sites, everywhere, but after all of that googling, I couldn’t find much about where to start. Luckily I found great coaches and mentors to lead me through.   Here’s what you should think about if you are considering getting into this sport. Commitment: Are you ready to make a commitment? Do you have the time and focus? You may only be on stage for 30 seconds but you’ll spend 12 or more weeks preparing. Currently, I am in the first 2 weeks of my prep and I’m spending 1.5 hours in the gym 5x/week. Additionally, am meal prepping 3 times per week for about an hour. Some people choose to do this all on Sunday but I like fresh food so I make breakfast every morning and prep the rest of my food on Sunday/Wednesday/Friday. I have a full-time sales job and am a part-time MBA student, so don’t let this scare you – just be aware there is planning you will have to do Health: Are you healthy? Are you injured? It may be a called a bikini competition, but this is not all about your curves. The judges are looking for muscle tone which means you will be lifting heavy (I mean I am deadlifting 95lbs and my glute/ham tie-in still won’t come say hello), it’s not for cardio bunnies. However, don’t be scared of the heavy weight. A coach experience like Kim will make sure you have a good balance of muscle and curves. Money: Can you afford a new sport? Are you ready to make an investment? This was my biggest surprise when I started – it’s an expensive sport. From the coach to tan and supplements, you will be forking out some dough. Outside of your coach cost, you can expect to spend anywhere between $150-$500 on a suit (mine was $150), $125 on your NPC card, up to $150 on a tan, $200 on supplements per 30-60 days, hair and makeup if you need them, $150 for extra posing lessons, $230 for clip-in hair extensions, $160 show entrance fee. I also spent $125 on a fancy six pack cooler so I could keep my food with me in the car. Your grocery bill will increase but I found that to be counteracted by not eating out and all the costs might have been canceled out by my not drinking (bye-bye Veuve)* So, as I mentioned earlier, I’m 2 weeks into this prep and on my next post, I’ll share what to expect your first 2 weeks of prep and will share my progress pics. I hope to see many of you on stage this year  *all my costs but am happy to share the vendors I have used     Body By O Angel Nicole Elizabeth is an NPC Competitor who has competed 3 times in the past 2.5 years. She is currently prepping for her next show and will be chronicling her experiences for our readers. If you're thinking about competing, now is the best time to start following along. She will share all of the things that first-time competitors are looking for.      

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