Pro Angel Felicia Romero in reality show!

Congrats to IFBB Figure Pro Angel Felicia Romero who will be featured in an upcoming reality tv series next fall titled Iron Maidens!!  Read more about it from the following ABC15 news article! ARE YOU BUFF? REALITY SHOW TO FEATURE PUMPED UP WOMEN Reported by Colton Shone from CHANDLER, AZ -- Ladies, put on your workout clothes and get ready to pump some iron. A reality TV show featuring buff Valley women is being shot in the Phoenix area. The show, Iron Maiden, will follow the lives and workout routines of five women. Their goal? To take home as many fitness championship titles as possible. "These women are the rock stars of the fitness world," said co-creator Bill Stanton. All the women in the show, he says, have at one point in their lives been out of shape or overweight. Each woman has her own inspirational story to tell. Twenty four-year-old Katelynn Cashin battled anorexia growing up. She became a fitness model four years ago. Cashin says her new lifestyle helped her overcome unhealthy eating issues and gave her a better outlook on life. "I hear all the time that I'm intimidating," she said. Those compliments give her confidence level a boost. Felicia Romero, 27, has been competing in fitness tournaments since college. She works at Fitness Works in the East Valley. "This lifestyle is very hard," Romero said. "So that's the one thing that I would tell women is it's not something that I wake up one day and I look like this. It's something that takes a lot of work, a lot of effort." Stanton says they're still shopping the show around and they've had a lot of networks interested in the program. He hopes it'll be on TV next fall.

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