Oddo's Angel Skylar Lanier says thank you to her coaches

Oddo's Angel Skylar Lanier says thank you to her coaches

“Let me tell you about these two…..I’ve been working with Kim Oddo at Body by O for about 4 years now and I can confidently say I have THE BEST COACH EVER!!!! This man has truly changed me from a Caterpillar to a butterfly. I trust him 100% with everything he gives me and tells me to do. 

With Kim being in Cali and myself being in VA it’s so important to have 100% communication with him. And he’s trained me in person before telling me I can push myself more. 

With working out by yourself sometimes you get scared to push yourself that far. You don’t focus on the little things that are important from getting injured. 

With that being said this off season I have worked my ass off. But I will say I felt like I needed an extra push. Someone to watch my form and push me past what I thought my limits were. Making sure my techniques are on point. To make sure I am doing everything I am supposed to. 

I had watched Dwayne Turner @the_unknown_trainer work with some incredible IFBB Pros like @iamcharjo @royevans360 @l_bella_bikini I’ve seen how he trains them, how he pushes them. He has the understanding of what it takes to be a top tier athlete and that’s why I have been working with him with my workouts from what Kim Oddo and @bodybyo gives me and says we need to improve. 

For some months now and what a difference it has made. 

As an athlete I have been able to push myself over the years but it’s has tremendously helped having Dwayne Turner by my side to make sure I am doing everything 100% 

I can’t thank these two enough for believing in me and pushing me as much as they do! 

I am excited to see what this prep holds”

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