NPC Bikini Competitor Deisy Casteneda Transformation Inspiration

deisycastenedabeforeafter NPC Bikini Competitor Deisy Castaneda joins forces with Kim Oddo for her competition prep & soars to new levels of success winning the Overall Open Bikini at Muscle Contest Fitworld I've competed in 5 shows up to now and these before pics were actually taken 4 months AFTER my 3rd competition. I didn't have the guidance from anyone to transition from the intense competition prep life to a healthy life style after prepping for 3 back to back to back shows last year. The result was me going back to eating like s***, being aware but not controlling all of the trash I was depositing into my body. I started binging and became so depressed and so ashamed of myself for allowing myself to hit the lowest point of my fitness. It took the right nutrition, the right training, and a whole lot of DETERMINATION and HARD WORK to get back on the right track. Of course, I couldn't have done it without my Coach Kim Oddo @bodybyo You and I may not have the same goal(s) but just know that if you want it bad enough you WILL work your a** off to achieve it, end of story!

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