NPC Athlete Spotlight: Katie Alexander

 Athlete Spotlight - Body By O Angel

NQ Bikini Athlete Katie Alexander

Name:   Katie Alexander

Division/Status:  National NPC Bikini Competitor

Height/Competition:  5'6" Age: 34

    BIO: Wife and mother of two daughters age 6 and 8, works for Three Weavers Brewery as an On-premise Brewery Representative, Nesta Certified Personal Trainer, Nesta certified Nutritionist, Nesta Certified Boot Camp Instructor, Schwinn certified Spin Instructor   CONTEST RESULTS/CAREER HIGHLIGHTS: I began competing in 2015 doing two shows that first year and two more in 2016, I fell in love with the sport, the process, and the results. I placed dead last in my first competition and came back 3 months later to earn my first, 3rd place trophy, earning a nationally qualified title. I took over a year off, got married, enjoyed my honeymoon and lived life a little, coming back in October of 2016 to win my first, 1st place trophy! I followed up with another competition in December of 2016, competing in my largest show and taking a 2nd place title.   HOMETOWN: Irvine, Ca CURRENT RESIDENCE: San Juan Capistrano, CA. FAVORITE BODY BY O PRODUCT: Cortisol Complex FAVORITE CHEAT MEAL: Peanut Butter everything FAVORITE EXERCISE: Shoulder day BEST ADVICE I EVER RECEIVED: Walk on the stage like someone told you-you already won, and you will! SOCIAL MEDIA:  misfit4ever  

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