NPC Athlete Spotlight - Jaime Lee

Athlete Spotlight - Body By O Angel

NQ Bikini Athlete Jaime Lee

Name:   Jaime Lee

Division/Status:  National NPC Bikini Competitor

Height/Competition:  5'3" Age: 35

    BIO: I was born, raised and graduated college in New Hampshire. It was an amazing place to grow up and the "character" of the people has had an influence in shaping who I am. I used to play soccer when I was a child, and always had a passion for fitness. I was also born with a desire to see the world, as I've been fortunate enough to travel extensively. Seeing the world, and meeting people from diverse backgrounds has had a major influence on me. After a career in real estate, I decided to follow my passion and graduated from Focus Personal Training Institute of Manhattan New York to become a personal trainer, where I currently reside.  I am an ACE/CPR/AED/Pre/Post/Natal/PN1 personal trainer. I love helping people change their lives, aspire to inspire, and teach people how to find their inner greatness "lift by lift." Teaching my clients how to adopt a healthy lifestyle, and watch them grow is what motivates me! I started competing in the NPC bikini division in October 2015. I absolutely LOVE competing, and was super excited to join the Body By O team in May of 2016. With in my first year of competeing I competed in 9 shows (5 regional, and 4 National). I am passionate about this sport, because it helps me stay in shape. I am planning to compete this year, with hopes to achieve my pro card. After that I’d love to continue my fitness journey in the fitness indusrty as an IFBB pro athlete. I plan to stay with the Body By O team because I LOVE Kim’s method of coaching, and admire his work! Just recently I became Miss Jet Set Runner up, out of 10k models globally. The contset lasted 4 months, and was organized for a charity for the Andrew McDonough B+ foundation to help families with children who are suffering with cancer. In honor of the families who suffered, I was more than happy to contribute in any way, and raised 175k for the charity. I was honored to be featured in an article in the recent Jet Set Magazine issue. CONTEST RESULTS/CAREER HIGHLIGHTS:
  • NY Grand Prix in Poughkeepsie, NY (Regional) - 8th place.
  • Easterns in Teaneck, NJ (Regional) - 3rd place.
  • Paul Neville Long Island Championships (Regional) - 4th place.
  • Atlantic States in Teaneck, NJ Regional) - 1st place.
  • Junior Nationals Chicago, IL (Nationals) - 15th place.
  • Team Universe in Teaneck, NJ Nationals) - 12th place.
  • NPC USA Championships in Las Vegas, Nevada (Nationals) - 6th place.
  • Easterns in Teaneck, NJ (Regional) - 3rd place.
  • Miami (Nationals) – 16th place.
HOMETOWN: Northwood, NH. CURRENT RESIDENCE: New York, NY. FAVORITE BODY BY O PRODUCT: I love them all! FAVORITE CHEAT MEAL: Burger FAVORITE EXERCISE: Love training glutes, because that is my weakness! BEST ADVICE I EVER RECEIVED: Keep going the best is yet to come! Instagram: JamieLeeFitt          

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