Nicole Wilkins-Lee, Ms. Figure Olympia-Angel Profile

NAME:  Nicole Wilkins-Lee – 2009 Ms. Figure Olympia COMPETITION DIVISION (BODYBUILDING, FITNESS, FIGURE, BIKINI) :  FBB Pro Fitness/Figure FAV BODY PART TO TRAIN: Shoulders FAV CHEAT MEAL: A loaded salad and a glass of wine :) FAV COMPETITION PREP MEAL: Oatmeal and a protein shake WHAT GOT YOU INTO THE WORLD OF COMPETITION? : I was a gymnast for years and had known girls to transition into the fitness industry after their gymnastics career was over.  I saw the Arnold in 2002 and knew that was what I wanted to do! WHAT KEEPS YOU GOING DURING A 12 WEEK PREP: I like to take it week by week.  Once I start seeing the changes in my body, it definitely keeps me motivated- aside from the fact that I want to win! WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE PART ABOUT COMPETITION: The challenge to bring your body to look the best it possibly can, the rush of adrenaline onstage,  and meeting so many wonderful people. IF YOU COULD SNAP YOUR FINGERS AND MAKE ONE BODY PART INSTANTLY PERFECT WHAT WOULD THAT BE?:  My arms or my abs WHEN YOUR STANDING ON STAGE, WAITING FOR THE FIRST CALL OUT TO BE CALLED, WHAT THOUGHTS ARE RUNNING THROUGH YOUR MIND?:  Please be me! Please be me!  Do I look like I’m shaking? Am I smiling too much? lol

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