Naomi Dalle - Figure Angel Profile

NAME: Naomi Dalle COMPETITION DIVISION (BODYBUILDING, FITNESS, FIGURE, BIKINI) : Figure FAV BODY PART TO TRAIN: Shoulders FAV CHEAT MEAL: Steak and Lobster. Sushi. I love seafood and nuts! I can go nuts on nuts! FAV COMPETITION PREP MEAL: I love my oatmeal and eggwhite omelet! And anything that somebody cooks for me is always better! WHAT GOT YOU INTO THE  WORLD OF COMPETITION? : somebody said I should give it a try because I was such a fitness nut! I had no idea what it was, so I looked into it and fell in love! WHAT KEEPS YOU GOING DURING A 12 WEEK PREP: Eye on the prize baby! WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE PART ABOUT COMPETITION: It’s the journey, not the destination. The ability to inspire others through hard work, motivation, healthy living and dedication. IF YOU COULD SNAP YOUR FINGERS AND MAKE ONE BODY PART INSTANTLY PERFECT WHAT WOULD THAT BE?: Only one part??? Legs (glutes) and shoulders! WHEN YOUR STANDING ON STAGE, WAITING FOR THE FIRST CALL OUT TO BE CALLED, WHAT THOUGHTS ARE RUNNING THROUGH YOUR MIND?:  SMILE!!!!! :-D

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