Muscle Fitness Hers Mag Transformation Challenge

Congratulations to Shannon Baker on winning the first-ever Muscle & Fitness Hers Transformation Challenge! Shannon will be flown out to California to train with Nicole Wilkins Lee and Kim Oddo for a photo shoot to be featured in an upcoming issue of Muscle & Fitness Hers. Shannon, 30, is a single mother with a three-year-old son. She has been in the Air Force Reserves/Guard for 10 years. Shannon was selected as the winner due to her accomplishing the goals set our in the Transformation Challenge feature in the May/June issue of Hers - gaining lean muscle and decreasing bodyfat. Over the eight-weeks, Shannon lost nine pounds, cut four inches off her waistline but added an inch to her arms! "Until this contest the focus of my workouts was mostly cardio and I had really slacked on my dieting," Shannon says. "I think in my mind all the cardio I was doing was going to make up for the lack of dieting. I'm not going to lie...I struggled with the diet for the contest as well but it got better as I went along and it helped me get back into the weights. I enjoyed the workouts and I am pleased with my results. Thank you for the opportunity!" READ MORE AT MUSCLE FITNESS HERS WEBSITE

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