Marci Colliau Wins Masters Figure 35+ Overall @ Gov Cup

Congrats to all of our incredible NPC Figure Angels who competed this weekend in the 2012 Governors Cup in Sacramento!!!  Such amazing competitors in a huge division!!!  Ten of our Angels placed in the top five of their classes!

Special congrats go out to Angel Marci Colliau who placed 2nd in D Class Open Figure, !st in Masters 35+ B Class & went on to win the Mastres 35+ Overall!!  Great job Marci!!!

We have a ton more photos to load of each of our awesome competitors, so stay tuned & they will be added very soon!!! Meanwhile, check out our Angels results from the show!!

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Class A 1.Mary Grace Justiniani 2.Ahna Maglinti 3.Nichele DeGuzman 4.Kim Payne 5.Cherie Schaler 6.Amarissa Jones *** Team Angels 7.Laurie Tanner 8.Jannie Myers 9.Lauren Duff

Class B 1.Arista Jackson 2.Alicia Earnest 3.Wendy Kaszer 4.Brooke Falvey 5.Courteny Newlin 6.Becky Sherman 7.Carolina Grandos 8.Nicki Crapotta Class C 1.Ashley Lovato 2.Kelly Lombardi 3.Tina Petersen *** Team Angel 4.Jessica Jamous 5.Nicole Thompson 6.C-Q Yee-Bridges Class D 1.Laura Mealey 2.Marci Colliau *** Team Angel 3.Natalie Thumser 4.Lisa Rooney 5.Diane Flores 6.Natalie Dejong *** Team Angel 7.Jeanie Lyons 8.Alondra Chatman 9.Shelly Yakimchuk 10.Kimberly DiPirro 11.Andrea Hemmer 12.Lisa Risse 13.Tracy Romero Class E 1.Sophie Simons 2.Noelle Decker 3.Robyne Roveccio *** Team Angel 4.Ashley Pinion *** Team Angel 5.Tracy Harrison 6.Kimberly Dickson *** Team Angel 7.Mystra Tillitson 8.Natalie Juron 9.Inez Sobczak *** Team Angel 10.Cynthia Wilson 11.Anka Urbahn 12.Rebecca Sellers *** Team Angels 13.Nesha Ward 14.Laura Austin 15.Laurel Alexander 16.Nadine Manfredi *** Team Angel
Class F 1.Kelli Smith 2.Valerie Rush 3.Teo Schoer 4.Nicole Arbino Masters 35+ Overall Winner 1.Marci Colliau *** Team Angel Masters 35+ Class A 1.Alicia Earnest 2.Ahna Maglinti 3.Kelly Lombardi 4.Wendy Kaszer 5.Tina Petersen *** Team Angel 6.Kim Payne 7.Cynthia Johnson 8.Rhonda Goldman *** Team Angels Masters 35+ Class B 1.Marci Colliau *** Team Angels 2.Noelle Decker 3.Kimberly Dickson *** Team Angels 4.Robyne Roveccio *** Team Angels 5.Tracy Harrison 6.Alondra Chatman 7.Lisa Rooney 8.Mystra Tillitson 9.Shelly Yakimchuk 10.Heather Miller 11.Valerie Rush 12.Nesha Ward 13.Rebecca Sellers *** Team Angels 14.Nadine Manfredi *** Team Angels 15.Tracy Romero Masters 45+ 1.Noelle Decker 2.Robyne Roveccio *** Team Angels 3.Kimberly Dickson *** Team Angels 4.Tina Petersen *** Team Angels 5.Cynthia Wilson 6.Cherie Schaler 7.Cynthia Johnson 8.Nadine Manfredi *** Team Angels 9.Heather Miller 10.Frida Lopez 11.Cathy Zoslocki 12.Cindy Morrison 13.Robin Seabold 14.Rhonda Goldman *** Team Angels 15. Laurel Alexander

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