Keenan LeBlanc is Overall Winner Men's Physique @ GGS

Congrats to KEENAN LEBLANC who was awarded the NPC Men's Physique Overall Winner Sword at the 2012 Greater Gulf States in New Orleans, LA!  Awesome job Keenan!  Keenan also won the B Class and congrats to Keenan's wife ASHLEY LEBLANC who was the GGS Bikini Overall Winner!  Our TEAM KIM ODDO competitors really brought their best physiques to the GGS stage with ANTIONNE SCOTT winning the C Class and FIVE competitors placing "top five"!  IFBB Figure Pro Krissy Chin's husband TROY JOHNSON placed 6th in Open Class C & 5th in Masters!  This is Troy's first shot in the new Men's Physique Division!  Way to go Troy!!!!!!!!
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Physique Overall Winner - view 11 pics
Keenon LeBlanc - view 3 pics *** TEAM KIM ODDO
Physique Class A - view 87 pics
Chris Mercadel
Reynaldo Pickwoad
John Dang
Adam Badger
Brant LaRose
Wayne Villemarette
Eugene Dedeaux
Benjamin Jones
Jimmy Judice
10  Bryan Boada
11  Chris Burnside
12  Eric Falgoust
13  Greg Aubuchon
14  Orlando Jerez
15  Jorge DeHaro
Physique Class B - view 40 pics
Keenon LeBlanc *** TEAM KIM ODDO
Ryan ONeal
Todd Mendoza
Paul Samm
Blair Giardina
Dallas Hebert
Physique Class C - view 70 pics
Antionne Scott *** TEAM KIM ODDO
Barry Smith
Erik De La Rosa
Chad Latapie
Greg Babst
6 Troy Johnson *** TEAM KIM ODDO
Matthew Meijer
Josh Sonnier
Justin Rundle *** TEAM KIM ODDO
10  John Mitchell
11  Mitch Brocato
12  Tim Morange
Physique Masters 35+
1 Barry Smith
Chad Latapie
John Dang
Jon Cheplak *** TEAM KIM ODDO
Troy Johnson *** TEAM KIM ODDO
Eugene Dedeaux
John Mitchell
Mitch Brocato
Blair Giardina
10  Paul Samm

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