Karina Grau Wins 2014 Tournament of Champions Pro Figure

The BODY BY O PRO FIGURE ANGELS TEAM really rocked the 2014 Tournament of Champions Pro Figure competition this weekend in San Diego! KARINA GRAU was the 1st Place Winner of the show with SASHA BROWN winning 2nd Place Trophy & JULIE MAYER winning 3rd Place Trophy! DAWN FERNANDEZ placed 7th, LACY SMITH placed 13th & SHERLYN ROY placed 14th! What an incredible job you ladies did!

. . 2014 TOURNAMENT OF CHAMPIONS PRO FIGURE 1. Karina Grau *** BODY BY O ANGELS 2. Sasha Brown *** BODY BY O ANGELS 3. Julie Mayer *** BODY BY O ANGELS 4. Latorya Watts 5. Jessica Canty 6. Jennifer Taylor 7. Dawn Fernandez *** BODY BY O ANGELS 8. Bojana Vasiljevic 9. Tamara Ribeiro-Bailey 10. Bruna Miyagui 11. Elizabeth Jenkins 12. Beckie Boddie 13. Lacy Smith *** BODY BY O ANGELS 14. Sherlyn Roy *** BODY BY O ANGELS 15. Mavis Tozzi 16. Asher Prior 16. Crystal Lowery 16. Elizabeth Maurice 16. Katerina Tarbox 16. Lisa Rapoza 16. Lisandra McGrath 16. Maria Allegro 16. Meg Kruse 16. Susana Ramirez 16. Tamen Stuve

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