Justine Munro Wins St.Louis IFBB Pro Bikini, More Angels Qualify For Olympia

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The ODDO'S ANGEL PRO BIKINI TEAM had an INCREDIBLE weekend at the 2013 IFBB ST. LOUIS BIKINI PRO in Missouri! JUSTINE MUNRO was the shows Winner with TIFFANY BOYDSTON winning the 2nd Place Trophy, JESSICA AREVALO winning the 3rd Place Trophy & both Qualifying for the 2013 Bikini Olympia! Awesome job ladies!

BRITTANY TACY won the 4th Place Trophy! Four of the Top Five Placings were Angels! Wow! CHRISTIE MARQUEZ placed 9th, AMY ALLEN placed 15th, & MICHELLE JOHNSON placed 16th! So proud of all our Pro Oddo's Angels!!


1. Justine Munro *** TEAM ODDO'S ANGELS 2. Tiffany Marie Boydston *** TEAM ODDO'S ANGELS *QUALIFIED FOR OLYMPIA 3. Jessica Arevalo *** TEAM ODDO'S ANGELS * QUALIFIED FOR OLYMPIA 4. Brittany Tacy *** TEAM ODDO'S ANGELS 5. Sarah LeBlanc 6. Lacey DeLuca 7. Crystal Green 8. Jessica Renee 9. Christie Marquez *** TEAM ODDO'S ANGELS 10. Noemi Olah 11. Gigi Amurao 12. Stephanie Mahoe 13. Diana Becker 14. Hunnika Villa 15. Amy Allen *** TEAM ODDO'S ANGELS 16. Aly Veneno 16. Anna Starodubtseva 16. Ashley Wade 16. Cecile Palacios 16. Jennifer Elliott 16. Jennifer Dawn 16. Katherine Williams 16. Kristal Martin 16. Maria Chase 16. Michelle Johnson *** TEAM ODDO'S ANGELS 16. Michon Leddy 16. Rachelle Dejean 16. Sandi Forsythe

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