International Spotlight with Ping Xu


Ping Xu

Where are you from?
I'm originally from Shanghai China, but now living in Tokyo Japan.

How long have you been training with Kim
7 months

Why do you choose Body By O?
At first I just needed someone who could professionally help me with my competition plans. I searched online and found Body By O that seemed very famous worldwide and had impressive achievements in supporting both amateur and pro athletes. That is how I started with Body By O.

However the reason why I decided to take a second prep program and even the off-season program is more comprehensive, including but not limited to:

  • I saw real changes/results/progresses under Kim's coaching. I saw my body getting closer and closer to how I wanted it to be day by day.
  • I always believe achieving great place in competition could be a wonderful goal. But it should never be achieved at the cost of one's health. Body By O never goes extreme and always instructs me to grow myself in a natural and scientific way.
  • It's not only about physical looking but also mental health. Coach Kim always has "the magic" to inspire me when sometimes I feel depressed.  I know the only person who can improve me is me myself but he is definitely the one who motivates me to do so.
  • Body By O has the BEST staffs. Brittany and Kat are so friendly and caring. They make everything so easy for me and always provide me with optimal solutions to my needs.

How are you staying active during the quarantine?

Keep training at home with what I have (dumbbells, exercise bands/tubes, etc.) and be a little more creative :)

For cardio, running up the stairs in my apartment, jumping rope and sometimes bicycling.

Favorite exercise?
Every exercise for glutes. I have very weak glutes, so realizing how it can help me improve, I just can't stop... :)

International Athletes
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