International Spotlight With Nucia Freitas

Nucia Freitas

Where are you from?
Brazil originally and now live in Switzerland

How long have you been training with Kim
Since early 2018 so a bit more than 2 years.

Why do you choose Body By O?
I was following him for a while as he has been doing great work with his athletes. When the time came for me to find a new coach I applied.
How are you staying active during the quarantine?
I was keeping up with my workout plan as much as I could. Luckily I have my own gym at home so I didn’t have to take a big break. I also started doing lots of cardio outside instead of in the machines which were good as it gave me a different stimulus for my body. The weather’s been really nice here, too

Favorite exercise?
For gluteus definitely the hip thrust using an elastic loop for more tension in the gluteus. 
International Athletes
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