International Spotlight With Katya Nosova



Name: Katya Nosova 

Where are you from? 

Born and raised in Russia; I moved to Auckland, New Zealand when I was 16. I have been living in NZ for 13 years now and consider it my home. 

How long have you been training with Kim?

I joined Body by O team in November 2016 and have been working with Kim since.

Why do you choose Body By O?

I joined team Body by O because I knew in order to succeed I need to be under the guidance of one of the best in the industry.

Our first show together I was literally last in the last callout 😭😳 but that didn’t make me quit, quit competing, or my coach. I know it takes time for the both of you to work things out, to learn the body and what it needs.. the next show I did in 12 weeks was my first Pro Win 🤩 at times Kim believed in me more than I did in myself, but that’s what good coaches do. 

We have now done 11 shows with Kim, 3 IFBB Pro wins and 2 Olympia’s together and qualification for the 3rd one in 2020. Fingers crossed we get to showcase our work later this year at the most prestigious stage in the world.

How are you staying active during the quarantine?

Thankfully I have a cardio machine at home, some resistance bands, 2 x dumbbells, and a kettlebell. That’s all I’ve got so we make it work with what I have :) The lockdown in New Zealand has been quite different from the USA. For 4 weeks only grocery/medical clinics were open, we couldn’t even do online shopping as everything else was shut, I didn’t manage to buy any additional equipment :( but it could have been a lot worse so I’m not complaining. 

Favorite exercise:

Hip thrusts!! Well actually any glute exercises, I love training glutes! And lat pull down- somehow it makes me feel strong and powerful 😆💪


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