IFBB Bikini Pro Shoshanna Cairns Transformation Tuesday Testimony

Pro Shoshanna Cairns Transformation Tuesday Testimony 

"Transformation - I am a powerful being capable of changing anything in my life. I welcome and embrace healthy changes into my life and I let go of old habits and practices that no longer serve me. I accept the necessary changes that need to take place in my life and I let go of fear and worry. Everyday I grow more beautiful and strong in this life and I am as free as a butterfly. My life is unfolding perfectly.” My Nationals transformation, Left picture Muscle Contest USAs 2017, last callouts. Right picture, NPC Universe, 1st place and earned IFBB pro card. From last place to first, took time to improve and change along with the help of coach  Kim, Odd Body By O I transformed my physique but also transformed mentally, being happy and confident with who I am on and off stage. Life is a journey and need to be able to transform to be the best version of you." IFBB Bikini ProShoshanna Cairns



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