IFBB Bikini Pro Angelica Teixeira Wins 2016 Pittsburgh Pro Bikini

angelteixeira16pittsprowin IFBB Pro Angelica Teixeira Wins the 2016 Pittsburgh Pro Bikini!  Major congrats for her amazing back to back wins. Last week Angelica won the 2016 Salt City Pro Bikini & qualified for the Olympia. IFBB Bikini Pro Justine Munro took the 3rd Place Trophy, Iveth Carreon placed 7th & Breena Martinez placed 8th. Great job to all our incredible pro Angels! [gallery columns="2" size="medium" ids="9766,9768,9767,9769"] 1. ANGELICA TEIXEIRA *** Body By O Angels 2. MICHELLE SYLVIA 3. JUSTINE MUNRO *** Body By O Angels 4. CATHERINE RADULIC 5. MARGRET GNARR 6. CASEY SAMSEL 7. IVETH CARREON *** Body By O Angels 8. BREENA MARTINEZ *** Body By O Angels 9. CORI BAKER 10. ANITA HERBERT 11. SAYURI TORRES 12. KARINA CONSTANTINO DURZO 13. JENNIFER RONZITTI 14. YARISHNA AYALA 15. MYLIEN NGUGEN 16. ELISA REYNOSO 16. JERI REASE 16. LEXA MENDENHALL 16. NINA CASH

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