Heather Dees Wins 2nd Place Trophy @ 2013 Houston Pro Figure

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Congrats to our gorgeous Pro Figure Angels who competed in the 2013 Houston Pro Figure! They all did an incredible job and looked incredible as always!  HEATHER DEES won the 2nd Place Trophy! Great job Heather!!!  KIMBERLY SHEPPARD won the 5th Place Trophy!  Awesome!! SASHA BROWN placed 8th, MARIA ARACENA placed 11th, & KIMBERLY DICKSON & LINDA CROSSLEY placed 16th.  We are so proud of all our Pro Figure Angels!

Photos courtesy of www.npcnewsonline.com


1. Camala Rodriguez 2. Heather Dees *** TEAM ODDO'S ANGELS 3. Krista Dunn 4. Dana Ambrose 5. Kimberly Sheppard *** TEAM ODDO'S ANGELS 6. Brooke Erickson 7. Marcee Renee 8. Sasha Brown *** TEAM ODDO'S ANGELS 9. Vickie Dowell 10. Dawn Fernandez 11. Maria Aracena *** TEAM ODDO'S ANGELS 12. Mayla Ash 14. Rebecca Shubeck 15. Heidi Sorsa 16. Ann Bunge 16. Dona Pohl 16. Elizabeth Maurice 16. Jennifer Brown 16. Kimberly Dickson *** TEAM ODDO'S ANGELS 16. Kristina Rojas 16. Linda Crossley *** TEAM ODDO'S ANGELS 16. Marita Melanie Burger

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