Essence Ashford - Figure Angel Profile

NAME: Essence Monet (pronounced mo-nay) Ashford COMPETITION DIVISION (BODYBUILDING, FITNESS, FIGURE, BIKINI) : Figure Girl Baby! FAV BODY PART TO TRAIN: Back, even though I only get to do it every other week FAV CHEAT MEAL: It is a tie between Sushi and Mexican! FAV COMPETITION PREP MEAL: When I get steak I am a happy girl! WHAT GOT YOU INTO THE  WORLD OF COMPETITION? : I was in an abusive relationship and was damaged pretty good. I got into weightlifting and decided the ultimate to compete. I love it now and I am better person inside and out because of it! WHAT KEEPS YOU GOING DURING A 12 WEEK PREP: Knowing the “Hardware” (aka trophy) is not to far from being mine! WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE PART ABOUT COMPETITION: Getting on stage and revealing the final package. IF YOU COULD SNAP YOUR FINGERS AND MAKE ONE BODY PART INSTANTLY PERFECT WHAT WOULD THAT BE?: My legs! The ham and glute tie in is a pain in my butt! Literally! WHEN YOUR STANDING ON STAGE, WAITING FOR THE FIRST CALL OUT TO BE CALLED, WHAT THOUGHTS ARE RUNNING THROUGH YOUR MIND?: It better be me!

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