Cybex Arc Is Here!!

MY NEW YEARS 2012 GIFT!!!! I recently decided to look into acquiring a new piece of equipment for my facility, one that was more unique in it’s function and something very non abrasive to the joints. After searching around and a couple of miles of pre-testing, I found my answer--------------THE CYBEX ARC TRAINER! While I think most of our industry has now settled into the use of elliptical machines as a stable for exercise and weight loss, I feel the Cybex Arc Trainer takes this up another level. The Arc Trainer seems to improve the basic movement used by ellipticals by increasing the range of your stride motion, which allows for more muscle recruitment and creating a wider range of resistance to allow for higher rates of exertion, all while creating no added stress to the joints! It’s this reduction of joint stress that truly caught my eye, as it is imperative that we must always protect our bodies from any undo stress which can cause injury or chronic joint pain. The Arc Trainer has an extended range of motion that does not put stress on the hips or knee joints, and also keeps the magic formula of “toe behind your knees!”, as we trainers like to preach. You can adjust the incline of your stride to adjust to your particular hip pivot point, which helps allow you to target your point of exertion exclusively to the area you are trying to effect. Higher inclines will emulate a motion of stepping which recruit the quadriceps, while lower inclines will target the gluteus more. It is always a goal of most all exercisers to burn calories the most efficient and effective manner possible, and the Arc Trainer seems to satisfy this goal! According to a University of Wisconsin study, the Arc Trainer’s caloric expenditure was significantly higher than that of ellipticals or motion trainers when tested over a 30 min. workout session. I am excited to continue learning and growing with my new Cybex Arc Trainer, as I continue to look for the best equipment to allow my clients and athletes the maximum results they can achieve! NOW LETS GO BURN SOME CALORIES!!!

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