Coach Kimbo On How To Properly Use The Treadmill To Burn Calories and Target The Glutes

Body By O Coach Kim Oddo breaks down how to properly use the treadmill as IFBB Figure Pro Debra Rosado Bohac demonstrates in this informative video. When it comes to running, Kim recommends that you run on the treadmill as oppose to the pavement which is less forgiving on the joints. If you choose to run, alternate days you run and then walk to help give your legs a rest. When it comes to incline, the higher the incline the more glute and hamstring stimulation to help burn stubborn body fat in those problem areas. The incline will also increase your heart rate up higher so you can spend less time on the treadmill. Set your pace at 60-70% of your heart rate max. Do not lean on the machine transporting the weight off your body and onto the machine. Let your body do the work to burn maximum calories. 


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