Coach Kim Oddo On The Art of Competition Tanning Body By O Coach Kim Oddo breaks down tanning for competition step by step. Follow Kimbo with IFBB Bikini Pro Skylar Lanier on how to properly apply tan to show off your perfect physique. 1) Start with pre-prep by exfoliating dead skin before you get sprayed or else you may end up with dark and light spots on stage. 2) Careful using lotions that leave an oily film that will not allow the spray tan to penetrate the skin. Be sure to use a lotion that is fully absorbed into the skin. 3) Pay close attention to where you are sitting after tanning as well, protect your color especially if you are sitting for a long period of time in hair and makeup afterwards. 4) Once you are sprayed, pay close attention to how much oil you use. Use an oil that absorbs and does not reflect. Finally when it comes to color, don't go too dark if the stage lighting is light and dont go too light if the stage lighting is dark.

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