Iveth Carreon Wins 2016 NorCal Pro Masters Bikini

Congrats to all our IFBB Bikini Pro Angels who competed this weekend in Sacramento at the 2016 Nor Cal Pro Bikini! They all did an incredible job with Iveth Carreon winning Masters Pro Bikini & the 2nd Place Trophy in Pro Bikini! We're so proud of all our Pro Angels! [gallery size="medium" ids="9928,9924,9932,9926,9930,9933,9936,9929,9931,9923,9925,9927,9934,9935"] 1. CORI BAKER 2. IVETH CARREON (Masters Win) * Body By O Angels 3. LAUREN IRICK 4. ALYSSA GERMEROTH 5. AMBER CALLAHAN 6. CAMILE PERIAT 7. CHRISTIE MARQUEZ * Body By O Angels 8. MARITES MILLER (Masters 3rd) * Body By O Angels 9. EGLE ELLER NABI * Body By O Angels 10. MICHELLE MEIN 11. JESSICA WILSON 12. MONICA ELLIS * Body By O Angels 13. ASHLEE RHODES 14. VALORIE ANNUNZIATA * Body By O Angels 15. JANICE MURPHY (Masters 5th) * Body By O Angels 16. HANA DEVORE 17. LISA ASUNCION * Body By O Angels 18. ANNIE PARKER * Body By O Angels 18. COLLEEN GARMAN (Masters 12th) * Body By O Angels 18. DANA TRACY 18. GERI BERGER 18. HARRIET DAVIS (Masters 6th) * Body By O Angels 18. MAYBELLINE CORDERO HIGA 18. ROBYN MAHER (Masters 9th) * Body By O Angels 18. RONDA PORTER (Masters 15th) * Body By O Angels 18. STELLA ROBERTS 18. ZARA BOORDER

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