Body By O Welcomes Courtney Kukoly

Coach Kim Oddo would like to welcome IFBB Bikini Pro Courtney Kukoly from Nebraska to the Body By O athlete roster. Kim and Courtney first started working together, completing two off-season programs before she got on stage for her first show. And the rest is history for the three show pro. Kukoly entered the NPC Governer's Cup in March 2018 and won her first show qualifying for nationals. She then earned by IFBB Pro card at the NPC USA in Las Vegas. Just 8 months after entering her first amateur show, she took to the stage as an IFBB Pro League athlete at the Sacramento Pro. "Courtney is a really unique competitor. She went from stepping on stage for the first time to competing as a pro in her third show. At 6' tall she is structurally balanced and I'm excited to have her on my team. Once we can put a little size on her, I think she is going to be a dangerous pro." said Oddo. The statuesque beautiful brunette said, "I'm so grateful for this opportunity to represent Body By O and grow with the company. I love all of Kim's products, especially the Preworkout Complex so I'm excited to represent a brand that really works for me. I don't have a lot of experience in the sport, but having coach Kim to guide me through each step has been a tremendous asset to my young career.

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