Body By O Angel Pro Sabrina Taylor Brings Home Grand Prix Pro Title

Congrats to our amazing BODY BY O ANGELS - WOMEN'S PHYSIQUE PROS! SABRINA TAYLOR won the show, VENUS NGUYEN won the 2nd Place Trophy, ROXIE BECKLES won the 3rd Place Trophy,  CANDREA ADAMS won the 4th Place Trophy & NATHALIE FALK placed 6th! Great job ladies! So proud of you all!

VIDEO: SABRINA TAYLOR WINS GRAND PRIX PRO WOMEN'S PHYSIQUE 2014 GRAND PRIX WOMEN'S PHYSIOUE PRO 1. Sabrina Taylor *** BODY BY O ANGELS 2. Venus Nguyen *** BODY BY O ANGELS 3. Roxie Beckles *** BODY BY O ANGELS 4. Candrea Judd-Adams *** BODY BY O ANGELS 5. Jill Rudison 6. Nathalie Falk *** BODY BY O ANGELS 7. Loan Leonard 8. Katerina Kyptova 9. Dona Pohl 10. Stephanie Willes

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