Body By O Announces Expansion Into The UK With A Satellite Office In London

Body By O, a physique coaching and sports nutrition lifestyle brand, founded by 5X Olympia winning coach Kim Oddo, is pleased to announce the opening of a satellite office in London, England. This strategic move will allow UK based athletes to work more closely with Kim Oddo and IFBB Pro Jen Bliss. “With the expansion of the IFBB Professional League across the globe and 2020 seeing the launch of the new NPC Worldwide Federation, I felt the only thing to do was to make Body By O available in the UK through a strategic partnership.With this in mind, I searched for the perfect partner to represent Body By O’s philosophy and began an intense mentoring program. With great excitement, I am ready to announce our new partner and UK satellite office manager Jennie Bliss. As an IFBB Professional athlete, Jennie has vast experience in NPC and IFBB Pro League standards and structure. She has competed all over the world, so she is well versed in the art of competing.” said Oddo.

Jen Bliss is an IFBB Bikini Pro with a successful training and posing business located in London. Bliss is a level 4 personal trainer, EMS qualified instructor and Vipr certified instructor. Jen has competed in 17 shows and has spent countless hours learning Kim Oddo’s philosophy about nutrition, training and posing for bikini. Bliss said, "I'm thrilled to partner with Kim Oddo to bring Body By O to the UK. Kim's accomplishments on the world's biggest stages make him one of the most successful coaches in the sport. This unique opportunity allows me to learn his training and nutrition philosophy in-depth to bring his brand across the pond. I can't wait to get started."   


Body By O UK

Athletes signing up with Body By O UK will work directly with coach Kim Oddo on a customized meal and training program, cardio schedule and recommended supplementation protocol. Kim will also make weekly adjustments via email for contest prep, including weekly Skype/phone check-ins. Athletes will also work directly with Oddo during peak-week protocol and will be monitored closely all the way up to finals of their show. For off-season programs, athletes will check-in twice per month, including bi-weekly Skype/phone check-ins. Coach Jen Bliss will be available for additional off-season Skype/phone check-ins if the athlete is interested in more time. Jen also has one-on-one personal training and posing sessions available at reduced rates. All Body By O UK athletes will pose directly with Jen and are encouraged to train with her as well.

Ready to get started?

Call Body By O at 1-951-695-8805 or email to sign up today. *All athletes outside of the UK, will continue to work directly with Kim Oddo at Body By O.  

About Body By O

Body By O headquartered in Temecula, California, is a successful physique coaching and sports nutrition lifestyle brand with a line of supplements designed for physique athletes. Founded by elite trainer Kim Oddo, he has more IFBB Pro cards and IFBB Pro League wins to his credit than any other coach, including 5 Olympia (2 Bikini, 3 Figure) titles as well as 7 wins at the Arnold. Body By O’s products address the needs of physique athletes including muscle building, weight loss, cortisol control and general health. Body By O is available direct, and soon on as well.

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