Body By O Angels @ 2015 Arnold Pro Figure

  [gallery size="medium" ids="7877,7876,7878"] Congrats to our amazing Pro Figure Competitors who competed this weekend at the 2015 Arnold Sports Festival! We're so proud of the incredible physiques they brought to the stage! Great job Body By O Angels! 2015 ARNOLD PRO FIGURE RESULTS 1. CAMALA RODRIGUEZ 2. CANDICE LEWIS 3. CANDICE KEENE 4. LATORYA WATTS 5. ANN TITONE 6. GENNIFER STROBO 7. HEATHER DEES *** BODY BY O ANGELS 8. DANA AMBROSE *** BODY BY O ANGELS 9. CYDNEY GILLON 10. JULIE MAYER *** BODY BY O ANGELS 11. AMANDA DOHERTY 12. VERA MALLETT 13. ANDRESSA RIBEIRO 14. MYRA ROGERS 15. AVA COWAN

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