Body By O Angel Shell Belizario's 14 Week Prep


Body By O Angel Shell Belizario's 14 Week Prep

"My 14 Week Bikini Prep Transformation!

-Body Stats-
•Height: 5’3
•Starting weight on January 10th, 2022: 136.7lbs
•Ending Weight on April 16th, 2022: 116.2lbs
•Waist measurements: Start of prep 31in End of Prep 25in

I am beyond proud of my progress these past 14 weeks!

This prep was definitely more difficult for me than my first one. But regardless of what obstacles were thrown my way I stayed the course. No matter how hard things got, I followed my coaches plan and I DID IT!


My experience prepping with Kim has been amazing! I’ve gone through two bikini preps under his coaching and team and I couldn’t be happier with my experience. If you’re someone who is looking to compete or you’re looking for a coach I HIGHLY recommend @bodybyo

Thank you @kimbooddo for all of your guidance, encouragement, patience and knowledge. I truly appreciate you!

I’m beyond grateful for the opportunity to have been able to prep again!
Team: @bodybyo
Coach: @kimbooddo ... ” - Body By O Angel Shell Belizario 

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