Body By O Angel Motivation | NPC Bikini Athlete Antoinette Cordova



Body By O Angel Motivation | NPC Bikini Athlete Antoinette Cordova

“Stage photos from North Americans! Extremely proud of the package that we presented! This sport has brought me so many blessings and friendships. My ❤️ and soul is full of gratitude. THANK YOU all for your encouraging calls. I have the Most amazing support from family and friends! Thank you to my husband that handles my mood swings and prep life like a champ! I LOVE YOU
Thank you to my coach Papa Kim Oddo for your guidance and support, yesterday sitting next to you after finals and hearing your encouraging words meant the world to me. Thank you to my brother and sister (my trainers) Terry and Kim for always being there for me showing me support in this sport and in life. I’m not sure what’s next I will have to wait to talk to my coach and my family to see what is best for me. It just wasn’t my time but I know my time is coming God will align it all for me. I just have to keep doing my best and keep my head up! This sport means more than a card and trophy to me. I’M NOT GIVING UP it’s time to get back to work!!! Coach/Team: @bodybyo @kimbooddo

Trainers: @thesculptor1 @kimbabydoll Fueled by: @leanfeastcorona @leanfeasttemecula @leanfeastcanyoncrest Supported and loved unconditionally by: @palominocordovaaj

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