Body By O Angel Martha Isabel Transformation

“Exactly a year ago today, 6 months after, and today. Feeling proud, motivated, and STRONG. If I can do it, trust me so can you!” - Body By O Angel, Martha Isabel 


This is transformation magic and why re-focusing your goals is so important. Body By O client Martha Isabel made so many incredible changes during her prep with Coach Kim and she allowed that momentum to carry her beyond the stage. Congratulations on all your hard work Martha!


Train with Coach Oddo and becoming part of the Body By O Team offers you a chance to receive customized training and nutrition, cardio, and supplementation plans tailored to your specific needs and your lifestyle.

➡️ Body By O Programs Offered
•Body Transformation Program
•Competition Prep Program
•Show-Look Program
•Offseason Advantage Program
•Nutritional Program


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