Bikini Pro Janet Layug on the Importance of Time Off

Bikini Pro Janet Layug on the Importance of Time Off

“This shape though [...]

Took an entire year off from training and dieting. I actually have never had a break as long as that. It’s refreshing. I believe 1000% it does a body good. For many reasons taking a physical and mental break is necessary or you will run your body and mind ragged. Because our bodies were not designed to be in “competition ready” condition year round the body responds to dieting much better when you’re not doing it every day.

I’ve been working on adding more shape, muscle and tone. I’m really loving the process and more so- how I feel. Sometimes it’s not just about the look but about the feeling of confidence it brings to your soul.

I’d advise getting a trainer that understands your goals and helps you identify areas of weakness and provides accountability. I really enjoy working with my coach who is experienced in my needs. Thanks @kimbooddo @bodybyo

Some things that have worked for me is staying regimented. With sleep, meals, work, leisure. Limit distractions that cost you time. Eating 5/6 balanced meals. Increased water, decreased any sugary drinks and excess carbs.

I’ve been taking Bcca’s + fatburner before my morning cardio sessions. Contains capsimax, CLA and L-Carnitine.




  • 8/26/22

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