Athlete Testimony IFBB Bikini Pro Sarah Gayden

Athlete Testimony ( IFBB Bikini Pro, Sarah Gayden) 

"Winning is a mindset! A winning attitude allows you to work on the things you can control”

- If you grew; you won

- If you learned something new; you won

- If you overcame obstacles you never tough you could; you won

- If you improved; you won

- If you are mentally stronger than before; you won

- If you didn’t give up; you won

- If you pushed pass your limits; you won


Since everyone is asking I’m going to extend a little bit on my Show and Placing

As I mentioned before on my story I got third call outs at the @klash_championship_series


I am very happy about my much-improved package, my conditioning, and above all! This show was a beast and All I wanted to do is to step on stage and see the package I’ve worked for after 10months off and where I was at as far as my physique. 

These two Pictures right here totally speak for themselves. It’s been two years since I started competing professionally and after having a baby, @kimbooddo and I are building a brand new competitive physique from scratch and I am willing to keep going as long as I am having fun!.

After having a baby I thought that I wasn’t able to compete EVER again as a pro. But my husband changed my mindset. I’ve been patiently working on my glutes, my overall body, my mindset, my confidence on stage, and many little details that I have learned about myself after every show.

Last show I fail to train something very important that many of us forget: to train your winning mentality and to NOT expect anything! Many competitors attach success to a placing/trophy. And let that get the best of them. After prejudging the last show I cried in my coach's room. To be honest I was SO happy with the improvements that I was expecting (not to win) but a better/same placing. No, no, no; HUGE mistake! 🙅🏻‍♀️


So; this show I trained my heart out without worrying about the placing outcome but the Inside outcome ❤️.

I got third call-outs this past weekend but My heart feels accomplished and happy from the inside out that placing had no impact on me.


I’m entering another show with the same mindset! I can’t wait to see my package at a different  stage and get judges feedback to keep Improving 💪🏼✨😇"

- IFBB Bikini Pro, Sarah Gayden



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