Angie Richards Wins Masters Bikini 35 Overall @ Contra Costa

We still have more of our Angel photos & results to add for the 2012 Contra Costa, but we wanted to share a pic of Angel ANGIE RICHARDS who won the 2012 Contra Costa Masters Bikini Overall!!!  Congrats Angie!!!! We will have pics for all of our Team Kim Oddo & Oddo's Angels competitors from the Contra Costa as soon as they are available!!!! (Update: Pics & results for Sean, Wendy & Laurie coming soon!) [nggallery id=17 template=caption] ODDO'S ANGELS & TEAM KIM ODDO RESULTS: SEAN DANIELS - Men's Physique Division / Masters 35+ - 3rd Place, Open C Class - 3rd Place ANGIE RICHARDS - Bikini Division / Masters Overall Winner & Masters 35+ A Class Winner, Open B Class _ Winner MICHELLE VU - Bikini Division / Open B Class - 2nd Place BRITTANY ELIAS - Bikini Division / Open D Class - 4th Place, Masters 35+ B Class - 5th Place WENDY SEBASTIAN - Figure Division / Open B Class - 3rd Place LAURIE KHAN - Figure Division . Masters 45+ A Class - 3rd Place, Masters 35+ A Class - 10th Place, Open B Class - 8th Place  

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