Angela Marquez Wins 2014 IFBB Nor Cal Pro Bikini


Congrats to all of our incredible Body By O Pro Bikini Angels who competed this weekend up in Sacramento at the IFBB Northern California Pro Bikini! Our ladies did an amazing job with ANGELA MARQUEZ winning the show! Awesome!!! CHRISTIE MARQUEZ won the 3rd Place Trophy & JANELLE SAITONE-MCGUIRE won the 4th Place Trophy! KRISSY CHIN placed 6th in her 2nd Pro Bikini show since crossing over from Pro Figure, LISA ASUNCION placed 8th & LIANA HAMILTON placed 14th! So proud of the entire BODY BY O ANGELS Pro Team! 



1. Angela Marquez *** BODY BY O ANGELS 2. Jessica Arevalo 3. Christie Marquez *** BODY BY O ANGELS 4. Janelle Saitone-McGuire *** BODY BY O ANGELS 5. Nikola Weiterova 6. Krissy Chin *** BODY BY O ANGELS 7. Amy Updike 8. Lisa Asuncion *** BODY BY O ANGELS 9. Katherine Williams 10. Nissan Weaver 11. Rosemary Valenzuela 12. Michelle Mein 13. Sandy Avelar 14. Liana Hamilton *** BODY BY O ANGELS 15. Stacey Naito

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