Figure Angel TARA GREEN is featured on Bodybuilding.com in the Female Transformation of The Week!  Here's just a small part of Tara's story!!!! CLICK HERE TO READ TARA GREEN'S FULL TRANSFORMATION STORY AT BODYBUILDING.COM "In '06, I was just cruising along, thinking I was just fine. I considered myself to be an athletic girl, I pictured myself to have a fit physical appearance. My best friend and I would always talk about our workouts, reporting in over long distance phone calls about what new weights we pushed in the gym. I was sporadic with my efforts, following no plan, but because of the simple fact that I WENT to the gym, and most people did NOT, I thought I was doing pretty good! I remember seeing a leg workout in Muscle and Fitness with Timea Majorova. I loved the shape of her legs in that article, and I ripped the article out, convinced that it had to work! I really, seriously thought I had the 'secret' to good legs right there, in my hot little hands! Yessssss...the 'secret workout' that I never had before! Well, I followed that workout for a few weeks. I got sore, but I never saw my legs look any different. I thought it was 'all about the workout'. I thought if I followed the reps and sets of these certain exercises, I would have 'those legs'. I truly thought that this combination would yield that picture, like those reps and sets were some sort of magic formula! Now, I could not tell you what Timea's arms looked like in that photo...I didn't CARE! I wanted nice legs! I didn't see anything wrong with my arms, so they were not even a consideration in working out. In addition, there was NO consideration of diet. I remember thinking that if I ate MORE protein bars, I would slim up quicker (yes, really!). I ate plenty of sugar; I considered it normal to have sugar every day. I figured it was fine as long as I was 'working it off'. I specifically bought 'fat free' candy, because fat=fat, right? Well, that really is what I thought........" CLICK HERE TO READ TARA GREEN'S FULL TRANSFORMATION STORY AT BODYBUILDING.COM

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