Angel Sonia Gonzales Wins the TOC Pro Bikini

Big C0ngrats to Pro Bikini Angel SONIA GONZALES who won the 2010 Tournament of Champions Pro Bikini competition!  Sonia looked amazing!!  Congrats also go to Pro Bikini Angel VANESSA PREBYL as this was her Pro Bikini debut & to Pro Bikini Angel NATALIE PENNINGTON who is ramping up to compete in the 2010 Olympia along with Sonia and 15 other Pro Angels!!! [gallery link="file"]


1. SONIA GONZALES *** 2. Brooke Mora 3. Anca Marcus 4. Zhanna Rotar 5. Dina Al-Sabah 6. Jennifer Deitrick 7. Christina Vargas 8. VANESSA PREBYL *** 9. Jessica Clay 10. Michelle Gullett 11. Nicole Moneer-Guerrero 12. Rachel Labender 13. Kat Holmes 14. Cathy Miller 15. Michele D'Angona 16. Jennifer Celeste 17. NATALIE PENNINGTON *** 18. Karen Mullarkey

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