Angel Nicole Wilkins-Lee Wins Arnolds Figure!

[gallery link="file" columns="4"] The Angels really rocked Columbus at the 2010 Arnold Pro Figure!  Huge congrats to NICOLE WILKINS-LEE for winning the show!  Amazing job!!!  Congrats  to Angels MINDI SMITH & FELICIA ROMERO who also placed in the top five!  Congrats also go to Angels KRISSY CHIN, KRISTI TAUTI, MONICA BRANT-PECKHAM, ROSA MARIE ROMERO, MONICA MARK-ESCALANTE!! All the angels looked as beautiful as ever onstage!  FULL results will be posted tomorrow!!!!  Congrats again for an amazing job well done!!! FIGURE 1. NICOLE WILKINS-LEE *** 2. Erin Stern 3. Heather Mae French 4. MINDI SMITH *** 5. FELICIA ROMERO *** 6. Larissa Reis 7. MONICA BRANT-PECKHAM *** 8. KRISTI TAUTI *** 9. Andrea Watson 10. ROSA MARIA ROMERO *** 11. MONICA MARK-ESCALANTE *** 12. Latisha Wilder 13. Candice Houston 14. Christina Casoni 15. Kim Tilden 15. KRISSY CHIN *** 16. Sherlyn Roy 17. Alicia Harris 18. Angela Mraz

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